With Aaron and Alyssa’s arrival in Jackson and after taking care of some business we all headed out into Yellowstone Park, here are a couple videos Aaron made of the trip:

Yellowstone Camping Trip

Yellowstone is truly a cauldron of life.  With the prehistoric looking bison, steam vents, geysers, bubbling mud and hot spring polls juxtaposed against the lush green valleys and waterfalls it is a magical place.  It comes alive in the spring and summer.

Here is one of the biggest falls in the park I think called Lower Falls, it was especially flowing with the rain in June and melt of snow:

John at Lower Yellowstone Falls

Lower Yellowstone Falls

This is the river feeding the falls and a great historic old bridge, we went on a hike to get this view.

Bridge at Yellowstone

River leading to Lower Yellowstone Falls

This is a smaller falls we encountered on our hike to find some mysterious hot springs

Yellowstone Waterfall

Boiling mud pools completely intrigued me.

Mud Plots at Yellowstone National Park

This is one of the many geysers throughout the park.

Geyser at Yellowstone National Park

We ran across our first bison.  I only could imagine the entire countryside filled with these.

Bison Closeup at Yellowstone National Park

I think it may have looked something like this, the American African Savanna

Gibson River at Yellowstone National Park

They came right up to the car and at times we came to stop while all the bison crossed the road.

Bison near Car at Yellowstone National Park

This elk happily filled his belly, it still amazes me those antlers grow new each year.

Elk at Yellowstone

Here’s a shot of Aaron and Alyssa, I had a great time on the trip with them and am glad they made it out.

Yellowstone - 03

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