Snow King Hike and Snowtorium in Jackson

Map of Snowking Trails

With the fortunate sunny weather today after many days of rain, I decided I would hike the mountain just behind the condo.  During the winter it functions as a small ski resort and once the snow melts the locals use it for their hiking pleasure.  It’s part of the extensive network of trails around the town on Jackson.  Here is a shot looking up the ski hill.  Those chair lifts just look odd with no snow.

Chairlift View Up Snow King

Alas! The last snow of the season, quick, get the skis.  It amazed me to still see snow considering we had rain most of June I thought for sure every last bit of snow had melted.

Last Snow left on Snow King

I liked this view, some vibrant yellow daisies in contrast to the snow capped peaks.  While spring had reached jackson it was clear the Tetons stayed in winter.

Flowers on Snow King with Mountains in Background

This is view form about half way up the mountain, the condo where I stayed occupies the middle just below and to the left of the round roofed buildings.  This trendy part of town on South Millward had homes build by one contractor, who I happened to run into on this very hike.  He did a great job giving a unique look and feel to this part of town, many of buildings used recycled materials and each one had distinct modern architecture.

View of Condo on Millward in Jackson from Snow King

Along the way up, I came across the Snowtorium, the local paper mentioned this art exhibit and I had fun checking it out.  Walking into a cocoon of snow, the sounds of nature enveloped me in a constant loop.  Quite a start contrast to the sunny day outside.

Snowtorium Sign

Here you can see the installation from the outside, plus a view of the inside of the wall, yes that’s snow covered in a tarp.

SnowtoriumInside Wall of Snowtorium

A nice view of Jackson and the Tetons from the top of Snow King Mountain.

View of Jackson from Snow King

That chair lift sounded good about now.

View of Chairlift from top of Snow King

I made it to the top!

John Top of Snow King

They had a nice map at the top of the Teton mountains.

Mountains from the Top of Snow King

Before the hike started I met a nice girl, Mindy, at the bottom who had just returned from India.  After a great discussion about her time there and some of yoga she practiced, we got back to what started the conversation, this book which she recommended (considering she was a Yellowstone tour guide I took it as a good one) as the best of the hikes around the area. Upon my next visit, I’ll be sure to look it up.

Jackson Hole Hikes Book

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  1. Hi John,

    I stumbled across your site while looking for a video of a site-specific dance piece that took place at the Snowtorium after the glacier blankets were removed to melt the sculpture for the 4th of July Fireworks. I am the artist who facilitated the project, and was happy to see it featured prominently on your blog. Thanks for the note, and BTW your site came up on top for a Google query of ‘Snowtorium’. Amazing!


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