Drive from CA to WY October 2009

I got on the road with the goal of getting back to Cheyenne, Wyoming.


Some beautiful scenery along the way


Crossed over into New Mexico where I stayed at the High Desert RV Park for the night and stored the Dutchess for an indefinite period of time at A Class RV Storage


As I crossed into the northern part of Northern New Mexico the snow began to fall


I kept going and made it into Colorado, rather than stay for the night I pressed on to Cheyenne.  This was my first time driving at night in the snow and it was a white knuckle experience.  White snow plows did their best to keep the roads clear, tire ruts formed in the lanes and changing lanes gave the feeling of lifting off the ground, needless to say I changed as little as possible.  I could hardly see the cars ahead and stayed fixed on keeping it steady.  I made it to Cheyenne, but I think the next time I’ll just pull off and stay the night until the snow storm passes.


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