Snow in Cheyenne Wyoming

I am in Cheyenne and it’s snowing…a lot.  I peeked outside to see what had fallen so far:

View outside the Motel 6 in Cheyenne

I went around back to see how the X was holding up, the snow was falling heavy and covering the car:

The Exterra Getting Snowed On

It was totally covered, good thing I bought that ice scrapper!

Totally Cover Xterra

I ventured out onto the roads, my first time in ice.  Slip and slide was the name of the game, at one point I just said “well if I hit the car next to me, I hit them, there is nothing I can do” thankfully no such thing happened but I stayed off the road until the storm passed.  People were checking into the motel because many of the highways were shut down.  For a California boy this was definitely a new experience.

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