Jackson Wyoming

Here are a few shots from around town during my June 2009 month in Jackson, WY.  Since I sold my car in Orange County and vowed to try living carless for the month in Jackson, I used the Start Bus and a bike to make my way around:

Bus Ride

Each year in the fall after breeding the elk and deer’s antlers drop off, which I found amazing, these massive horns grow from their heads with the sole purpose of fighting for females then they just drop off their heads, I gotta think that must feel very strange for them, all the sudden their heads are 10 pounds lighter.  Since collecting and selling the antlers from public lands is forbidden, they instead created antler arches in the town square:

Antler Arches

Just off the town square there was the shy bear which makes me laugh every time:

Shy Bear

Jackson had a great variety of restaurants, a few of my favorites were Picas (great vegetarian burritos and tacos), Sweetwater Cafe (Tomato soup was excellent) and Trio (a separate post of Trio is here).

Picas SignLunch at Sweetwater Restaurant

This nostalgic sign was a favorite, cute pinups, especially the cowgirls just make everything easier to sell, even rugs:

Cool Rug Sign

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