Jackson Dam Fishing and Feast

Jackson Dam

Aaron, Alyssa and I ventured out into the Grand Teton Park today to fish over at the Jackson dam.  We had a hot tip that all the trout make there way here to feed off the freshly churned water and what it carries from Jackson Lake.  With the Grand Tetons and clearing storm as a backdrop, Jackson Dam had a magical feel to it.  The majesty of the place truly shined as I could just try to take in all the beauty of the moment.

We arrived in pouring rain staying nice and dry thanks to the H3T.  The dark clouds in the background shows the storm enveloping Jackson.

Hummer H3T at Jackson Dam

I really missed the benefits of a car, not until Aaron arrived and we drove around did I realize fully how nice having it is to have a car.  We waited it out for awhile before heading out into to the river bank to fish.  At first we tried some lures, while the view left nothing to be desired we couldn’t help but want a strike.

Jackson Dam with Tetons in BackgroundRiver Down from Jackson Dam

After seeing some others pull out fish after fish using worms, we decided to make the switch.  In no time we had a strike.

Aaron Fishing Jackson Dam

At this point the flood gates opened, fish were biting the line with almost every cast.  We threw some back and kept a few others, Aaron made a video, the beginning is some river rafting but about minute and forty seconds in the fishing starts:

Being in the presence of all this beautiful nature and witnessing the complex miracles that work in synchronicity to make a fish swim and breath water, I can’t help but question my choice to arbitrarily cease their lives at random for the simplistic benefit of nutrition and sport.  It seems such a waste of life’s beauty.

On the drive back we spotted a moose. I snapped this photo, proof!  Like bigfoot proof.

Elk or Moose

We cooked up the fish back at the condo and cracked open a few beers to celebrate a fun day.  The brown trout tasted magnificent.  We all had more than our fill and had a great time.

Fish Dinner at Jackson Condo

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