Avatar The Movie

Saw avatar tonight.  It impressed me more than I expected.  Despite the huge crowds and big line up to go into the theater, I managed to get a good seat.

Avatar Movie - 1

Here I am in the fancy 3D glasses.  The use of 3D in the movie was subtle and really enhanced it rather than making a point of showing it off as many movies have done in the past.  Worth the extra $3 making the total price $14.50.

Avatar Movie - 2

The movie had a great story, reminding me somewhat of Dances with Wolves.  It showed a society living completely in harmony with nature.  They only took life for food and even then were very aware what they were doing.

It prompted me to think more about man’s relationship with nature.  I find myself thinking more and more about how I would like to find out about and get more in tune with the cycles of the earth such as light and dark and moon phases and what I, as a human and product of evolution can do to get more in sync with nature.  Over thousands of years people evolved with the natural day and night cycles, the time and seasons, waking with the sun and sleeping with the moon.  With electricity we now create our own schedules, however my body and mind evolved to work with the natural cycles.  I would like to see if following these natural patterns would produce any effects.  I’ve heard of the Circadian Rhythm and look forward to studying it in more depth.

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