Trio Restaurant Jackson, WY and Aaron and Alyssa Arrive

Aaron and Alyssa arrived this evening.  They planned to arrive the day before but after a trying time with the Hummer and a stop for parts in Reno they made it.  Aaron and I had some business meetings to attend to with various people around Jackson.  Once we wrapped that up, we went to a restaurant I had wanted to try for while, Trio.  People around town said good things, however since I usually just went out for lunch and Trio only opened for dinner this presented a great opportunity to see if Trio in Jackson lived up to the hype.  Here is a shot of Aaron, happy to have made it and be getting some food:


Trio had authentic wood stove, so naturally I had to try a wood fired pizza from this master dough chef:

The Margarita Pizza came out just like I remember them in Italy…thin crust perfectly toasted with excellent cheese, light sauce and fresh basil.  I could have had two!

Here are the three of us after enjoying the fine meal at Trio

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