Apostle Islands Area Campground

Apostle Islands Area Campgroun Bayfield WI - 7

While it pained me to leave my incredible view and serenity at the Memorial Park Campground I needed to get a solid internet connect and found the:

Apostle Islands Area Campground
85150 Trailer Court Road
Bayfield, WI 54814
(715) 779-5524

While the hosts at first were a bit hesitant to guarantee an interenet connect upon my persistance they found a spot that would have the strongest signal.  It also sparked Sam’s (the host) interest and he asked what I did.  I told him I work on websites and he asked if I would take a look at his website for the campground.  One thing led to another and by the time I left we had a whole new website created for Sam and Mary’s Apostle Islands Area Campground.  It gave me a great chance to learn wordpress and while I don’t claim to win any design contests with it, it does offer Sam the ability to easily change it and gets all the essential information across.  Even more it gave me a change to get to know Sam and Mary, two of the most generous and kind people I met I my summer journey.  We had a great time filming the campground, talking and it was so hard to leave their hospitality and the campground.  I hope to return one day soon.

Apostle Islands Area Campgroun Bayfield WI - 1

My first campspot here, had a forest on one side, very nice.

Apostle Islands Area Campgroun Bayfield WI - 2

Sam and Mary invited me over for dinner, Sam cooked up some great steaks.

Apostle Islands Area Campgroun Bayfield WI - 3

Sam kindly gave me a prime spot at the top of the campground.  It had a nice secluded fire put and a view of Lake Superior.  We sat around the fire one night and had a great chat.

Apostle Islands Area Campgroun Bayfield WI - 5

Apostle Islands Area Campgroun Bayfield WI - 4

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