Moving out and into a 5×7 box

I can’t believe it all fit into one 5×7 box, really that’s about half the size of a bedroom. My surfboard is pressed up against the side, wardrobe boxes are squeezed in the center, but I’m sure I could of stuffed a few more boxes if needed. Papermart had all the boxes and supplies I needed, delivered to my door for way less than shipping or buying boxes at the local shipping store. I decided on PS Pickup to store my stuff, they had a great offer, friendly customer service and they would drop off a couple containers and I would only need to pay for what I used. I had two dropped off just in case, and true to their word they only charged me for the one I used.

Having been up until about 2am packing away last minute things into the container, I didn’t believe that phone call at 7am; they were on the way, they would be there in 15 minutes. I jumped out bed, raced outside to make sure the everything was nice and secure, and…shoot…that box I was going to pack in the morning, quickly I taped it up and threw it in. One last check and everything was as good as it was gonna get.

With the door shut and the cover on, they wheeled away most all of my worldly possessions. It’s strange to see thirty years of things all packed away, but also quite freeing. I wonder if I will find myself missing my things, wishing I had kept that one whatever with me. In a couple days I will know for sure, for now I need some sleep and am happy everything is packed and I’m ready to go.

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