Dia de los Muertos in Albuquerque

At the old town part of Albuquerque I read about Santisma’s Dia de los Muertos and having not been to this celebration of those passed, I decided to head down for the parade and celebration.  I have video of the parade but here is a picture of a similar style event, people dressed up and painted their faces while with black around the eyes and mouth:


The parade ended at the Poco a Poco restaurant patio

Poco a Poco Patio
328 San Felipe St NW
Albuquerque, NM

I had a couple bowls of great Pozole soup while watching the dancing performances

Posole Soup

Some people came in costume, my favorite was Gumby.

Gumby at Dia de los Muertos

Johnny Salas put on a art show and around the studio alters to passed ones made an interesting display.  People took an great amount time and thought to put these together and I really liked the idea.  I couldn’t help but think I hope one day far into the future someone will remember me fondly with a shire like this:

Memorial at Dia de los Muertos

He must have really liked beans, my kind of guy.

Bean Memorial at Dia de los Muertos

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