4th of July Parade in Michigamme

The annual 4th of July Parade and Festival in Michigamme had a great float this year in that they found and acquired the town’s original first engine and had it on display.

4th of July Parade - 1

We ran into Wilson Boback, a WWII vet that I met on my first trip up to Michigamme.  He is 80 something and doing quite well.  He tells of his day in the 101st airborne jumping behind enemy lines.  I can only imagine what he faced and thank such a man for his service.  Here is a picture of my mom, Wilson and I.

4th of July Parade - 7

Think this boy got enough candy?  The floats in the parade threw it out and he diligently collected as much as he could and stood ready for the next opportunity.  It reminded me of the games I played on my first trip to Michigamme, we ran relays, got candy at the parade and played the infamous Chicken Bingo.  I won the chicken bingo that year and still have the fishing reel I bought with the proceeds.

4th of July Parade - 6

A few more of the floats:

4th of July Parade - 5

4th of July Parade - 4

This one is a mini semi built on a Volkswagen chassis.

4th of July Parade - 3

4th of July Parade - 2

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