Taking the Train from San Diego to Orange County and Back

Rather than drive up to LA to the Conversion Seminar (I was generously offered to take the spot of my friend John Kirker, thanks John!), I decided to take the train from San Diego to Orange County.  Here is a view outside the window on the ride up:

View outside the window of the train

On the way up I talked with a nice kid, Ray, going to SDSU, he was contemplating taking a semester off to donate a part of his liver to his mother to help save her life.  He was a great guy and I hope things go well for him.  I didn’t any work done on the ride to OC as I had a great conversation with Ray, but on the way back I had a fellow passenger snap a few shots of me working away on the train.  I hooked up my iPhone to the Mac and had internet access on 3G the whole way.

Relaxed at Work on the Train

Kicking the feet up working on the train

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