San Onofre Surf Trip and Camping at Trails

After getting back to California on the four month road trip it was time to get some surfing in.  I got a spot at Trails near San Onofre and invited my good friend Goeff and Aaron up for a some good surfing and times at the beach.  Check out the video Aaron made:

We dry camped and had a nice site in the empty campground. Amtrak passed by on occasion but we found a good spot with a hill in between and the noise was not an issue.

The Campsite and The DutchessCamp Setup

Aaron rolled up in his restoration in progress panel truck, no firewall made for a warm drive and it was good to see my friend after the a few months.

Aaron arrives in the Panel Truck

Just a few yards away was the entrance to trails, we headed down to the beach and there was a voodoo face in the canyon, I think it was the surf god bringing good times and good waves for all.

View of the SurfWierd Face in the Canyon

It was a perfect day, clear blue California skies and once we got down to the beach we happened upon a rock stack, usually left to mark a point of significance and we hoped for some good surf.

The BeachAaron next to the rockpile

Here is Geoff and I and Geoff catching a wave.  The waves were nice, they gave us some fun and no one was out, we had the beach to ourselves, later we found out there were shark spottings in the area, oh well, we made it out alive and in one piece with good surf to boot.

John and Geoff at the BeachGeoff Catch a Wave

The sunset was epic, here I am with Aaron and Geoff.

Aaron and John at SunsetJohn and Geoff at Sunset

A great end to a perfect day at the beach.  Later we had a bonfire, some beers and enjoyed ourselves.


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