Nellie’s Deli in Point Loma

I ventured out to find Nellie’s Deli today after reading the reviews on Yelp.  I met Issa, the guy behind the counter below and at first he seemed all about business.  But later to my surprise he came up and threw down some driver’s tests on my table completely frustrated with them. Apparently he went to take them and didn’t pass.  He’s been driving for 50 years and now they want him to take a test.  I would like to see that they take people on an actual driving test periodically, rather than only when first getting a license.  This seems to be a much better measure of driving ability than just a written test.  In any event, Issa makes a great egg salad sandwich and split pea soup.

Issa Behind the Counter at Nellie's Deli

You can see the lunch here and just as I was about to leave, Issa gave me a brownie to take with me…I enjoyed it later back at the office and it was fantastic, full of chocolate chips.  Plus while I was there a couple of kids came in and while they did not have the funds to cover what they wanted, Issa said “just pay me tomorrow”, I like how he does business and it’s probably a part of why he has been there for decades.

The MenuEgg Salad Sandwich and Split Pea Soup

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