H1N1 Influenza Flu Mist Vaccine in San Diego

The H1N1 flu shot became available to the general public and while I usually don’t get the annual flu shot, I decided this virus warranted the extra precaution as I was in the prime age group for it to cause problems.  I weighed the possiblity of getting Guillain-Barre Syndrome and found that the chances were slim, plus Guillain-Barre Syndrome occurred as a result of exposure to viruses, not just the exposure to the virus contained in the flu vaccine, so I figured my chances almost the same since I would be exposed to various viruses in the future regardless and would much rather have the protection against H1N1 than risk not having it on the hypothetical reasoning that the particular exposure to a virus would cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

San Diego County Immunization Clinic

With most of the pharmacies waiting to receive does, I decided to head the main san diego county immunization clinic.  I tried called ahead to make sure they had it, but just got a generic recording that said it was available but did not specify where and when.

John in Front of San Diego Immunization Clinic Sign

Three nurses sat ready to spray the mist in my nose.  It took all of 15 seconds and two deep breaths.


So now I’m fully immunized and have the card to prove it.

H1N1 Immunization Card

On the way out they handed me some information.  I appreciate the CDC getting this done, while I wish they could have got it to people sooner and been able to prevent some of the deaths, I hope H1N1 stays the limited problem it is now.

H1N1 Influenza Information Sheet Front

H1N1 Influenza Information Sheet Back

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