PS Pickup Goes out of Business and Move to Indoor Public Storage

I got a letter from PS Pickup that they were going to be selling their operation to Door to Door.  After a phone call to get to the bottom of it, I found out they didn’t know if my storage crate was going to be moved and if it was they did not know when.  These were too many unknowns for me and so I decided to move it next door to the Public Storage, the guys were nice and dropped the contain off near the door and Nancy really helped me with getting everything over.  We even had some good Mexican food from our Nono Bros Tortirella and made an evening of it.

New Indoor Storage Unit

Everything fit well in and there is nearly round the clock access to this storage unit so I was happy with the new digs for my material possessions plus it gave me a chance to sort through a few things and get some much needed things out, like my checkbooks!

New Indoor Storage Unit

New Indoor Storage Unit

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