Ned Lake

Paul Peterson, a local from Michigamme, offered to take Mr. Backes to a lake he had been dreaming of fishing.  The infamous Ned Lake was within our grasp.  Paul picked us up in his big dodge ram diesel.

Ned Lake - 02

After a rugged hour plus ride across swamps and boulders we made it to the lake and Mr. B had is first look.

Ned Lake - 01

We launched the boat and just a few feet off shore you could no longer see the truck.

Ned Lake - 04

The lake had but a couple cabins on it and pristine waters and forest.

Ned Lake - 09

Ned Lake - 03

Mr B. could hardly believe he had made it.  He stared out onto the lake completely content to just be on Ned Lake.

Ned Lake - 11

That lasted until we cruised around this small island near the middle of the lake and Mr. B manged to snag at least half a dozen fish

Ned Lake - 05

Releasing most of them back into the water, the reed spot next to the island produced good results.

Ned Lake - 16

A few people had setup camp on the island.

Ned Lake - 18

They (and their dog) were our only company for the day.

Ned Lake - 17

Here I am on the lake.

Ned Lake - 13

Paul steered most of the day and brought his trusty motor along for the ride.

Ned Lake - 12

Finally the time came to say goodbye and Mr. B wished the infamous Ned Lake farewell.

Ned Lake - 06

On the drive back we happened across some logging operations.

Ned Lake - 08

These heavy duty machines make quick work of the job.

Ned Lake - 07

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  1. John
    Your visit to Ned lake was interesting.
    Would you be willing to share where you accessed the lake?

    Thank you

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