Fix an iPhone 5 Submerged in Salt Water

Take it apart

Submerge it in distilled water

Soak it in Isopropyl Alcohol (90% or higher I used 70%)

Drain and shake out phone (don’t use a blow drier)

Seal it in a container with Silica Gel packets

Making silica gel packs (use silica crystals cat litter Walmart Brand is Mimi for $5)


Replacement Options:

New iPhone 6s 64gb ~$750 +$99 applecare

Costco $50 verizon rebate, $100 t-mobile rebate


iPhone 5 out of warranty replacement $269

New iPhone 5s 32gb is $499
New iPhone 6 64gb is $649


Iphone 6 64gb ~ $500

Iphone 5s 32gb ~ $400


iPhone 5s 32gb or 64gb ~$250-300*%7C64*

iPhone 6 64gb ~$420-500*

AppleCare ($99) must be purchased within 60 days of phone purchase:

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