Winterizing Travel Trailer

I found a great place to store The Dutchess indefinitely in Albuquerque at:

A Class RV Storage
5124 2nd Street Northwest
Albuquerque, NM 87107
(505) 400-7260

I decided I would cover the top of trailer best I could and bought a tarp at Walmart along with some anti freeze that was safe to put in the water lines.  Before getting to the storage I used an air fitting that hooked up to the water hose intake and at the gas station used their air compressor to blow as much water out of the system as possible.  Next I put some anti freeze into the water tank and ran it through the water system by using the electric pump.  On the trailer I removed the battery and propane tanks and put them inside.  In addition I got some cardboard and covered the wheels.  Finally I covered the trailer tongue and propane tank case with plastic bags to prevent rusting and sum damage.  The tarp was held down with clothesline rope and was the one thing that took the most time since I had to tie each rope on and use a broom to raise the tarp over the roof.



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