Sandia Peak Tramway Albuquerque

I heard good things about the Sandia Peak Tramway and so with a only a few days left in Albuquerque I made way over to the mountain for the ride.

Sandia Peak from Below

Here are a few fun facts about the Tramway.

Sandia Peak and Sandia Tram Information

Got my ticket or Flight as they liked to call it and I was on my way.

Sandia Peak Tram Ticket

The tram swung a bit but overall it was smooth trip considering we were dangling just a few hundred feet off the ground.

Sadia Peak Tram Car

I really like this shot the tram is down in the lower part of the frame with Albuquerque in the background.

View and Sadia Peak Tram Car

The docking was a bit of a jolt.

Sandia Peak Tram Docking

Once the doors opened the cold wind of the peak hit my face.  Snow clung to the ground and the peak offered some great views.

View to the Right at Sandia Peak

The ski hill on the backside of the mountain had not opened yet, but kept the snow on the ground better due to the shade.

Snow run on Backside of Sandia Peak

The High Finance Restaurant and Tavern offered a great place to get out of the cold and have a drink.

Restaurant at Sandia Peak

I got a set at the bar and enjoyed the view.

View from Bar at Sandia Peak Restaurant

Next time I will make reservations to dine at the restaurant as here is one of the tables with a great view at sunset.

Sunset from Inside Restaurant

I went outside, wind a gusting for a quick shot at sunset.

John at Sunset at Sandia Peak

Sunset at Sandia Peak

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