Lan-Chi’s Restaurant – Superior, WI

Lan Chi’s
1320 Belknap St.
Superior, WI
From the mainstreet looking at Lan Chi's Restaurant
From the mainstreet looking at Lan Chi's Restaurant

From the outside this restaurant looked questionable, but something drew me to it.  The randomness of the place in a slightly run down neighborhood, I postulated they must be doing something right to be able to survive here and I hoped it was not just the prices or my hunger.  I had to try it out, and maybe they would have spring rolls, the sign did say Vietnamese after all.  The family run place had a going away dinner happening and it was fun to see them at ease.  I got the menu and was overwhelmed.

Lan-Chi's Menu (there is another side too!)
Lan-Chi's Menu (there is another side too!)

I ordered the vegetable spring rolls, I only hoped they matched the ones I was introduced to at Oki Doki.  In addition I had one of the Traditional Vietnamese Dishes, Bun Cha Gio (Rice noodle, egg roll, pork).

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They were excellent as was the peanut dipping sauce.

Next camp the main disk.

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Great as well with this sweet light oil sauce.

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  1. I grabbed take out tonight, will dine in tomorrow. Stuck in a hotel on business and found this gem of a beautiful family running Lan Chi, in Superior?! Yes, I had the moo goo gai pan combo, and got fed by their food and the beautiful children’s smiles. Thank You!

  2. I love their food! But I hate going in and sitting down. I would rather do take out. There is always six kids running around and making noise. It’s dirty too! I still will eat the food but they really need to put their kids away. Send them to daycare or get a sitting. No one wants to go out to eat and listen to kids cry. I run a daycare and when I go out to eat I want peace. It’s pretty bad to.

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