PandoraJam + iTunes + a match made in heaven

This is the system I use to listen to music and get new suggestions.  I love Pandora and iTunes, but they don’t talk to each other. solves this problem through Scrobbling so you can have a central place to see all your listening habits and favorites plus discover new music at by listening to songs on iTunes and Pandora.  The setup I use is PandoraJam to listen and record songs from Pandora and put them into my iTunes Library and also scrobble them to and also when I listen to music through iTunes the scrobbler app scrobbles them to my account.  Then I discover new music through and music saved to iTunes so I can buy the albums and songs that I like.

Signup for a Pandora Account

Buy Pandora One Subscription (sign up and buy a subscription is you don’t already have one)

Install (and create account if you don’t already have one)

Buy and Install PandoraJam – PandoraJam lets you record songs you are listening to and put the recordings into your iTunes library and also scrobble them your account:

Open and PandoraJam

Set Preferences:


This records everything you listen to, adds/copies the file to your iTunes Library (in the correct folders), then deletes (Move to trash option) the original file so you don’t have the extra copy left over and adds it to a playlist in iTunes so you can easily find the song and rate it if you want to:

The songs should be automatically added to your iTunes Library in the correct Artist/Album folders, but if not, just consolidate the files:


Using PandoraJam:

Some functions of Pandora do not work
Here is a post to Expand/Shrink Window so that all Pandora controls work

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  1. Hey-
    I have used Pandora Jam and iTunes for years to build a library of favorites.

    Most recently April 2011), my “new” Pandora Jam stations will not record to my iTunes library. Have checked everything-

    Is this an iTunes update issue? Pandora? or just me?



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