Set default programs and change file associations to open in mac os x

How to set the default program for a file type and change the file associations in Mac OS X

1. Right click the file you want to change the associations/default program for

2. Click “Get Info”

3. Click the dropdown for the “Open With” section

4. Select the program you want to be associated with this file type, this will be the default program, if you don’t see it in the list select other and file the application in the applications folder.

5. Click “Change All” so that all files with this extension/type will open with this program.

After reading this I easily changed the default program that a file would open with in mac os x.  Basically, this is what happens when a file is double clicked, there is a default program that is associated with that type or file or file extension.  I found it annoying that files like a jpeg or .csv would open with Photoshop or Numbers when I wanted them to open with Preview or Exel.

The basics to change this are to right click the file, select get info, then click the drop down for Open With, then select the program you want this file to open with by default, then click the change all button.  Then you are done.

You can see it here:

Here is a video for download as well:

Set default programs open file associations in mac osx

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