Chase Sapphire Credit Card

I just had to write today about my excellent experience thus far with the Chase Sapphire credit card customer service.  This is the second time I have been throughly impressed with their ability to quickly handle my call and questions.  My first experience regarded combining chase credit cards.  With bank mergers, take overs and collapses about as common as flags on the 4th of July, I ended up with a chase card converted from a Washington Mutual (remember them) card in addition to my original chase account. Basically, I just one card and so as not to damage my credit score by reducing my available credit, I wanted to combine the credit limits of the two cards into my original account.  While this may seem an easy task, I tried this once before in the past when I ened up with two Amex cards and was told there was absolutely no way I could have this done, my only option was to close one of the accounts.

I called Chase Sapphire Credit card service and low and behold on the first ring someone picked, not an automated someone, a real live someone.  In a cheery tone they asked for my card number and after some verification they questioned how they could help me.  With a bit of explaining about my desire to combine my accounts, the service representative grasped my goal and said while there was not a direct way to combine the accounts, he could have the limit raised on my original account to match the available credit lost by closing the second account which in effect would have the same outcome as combining the cards.  True to his word he got the right authorizations and within about fifteen minutes from start to finish the call ended and I had what I wanted.

Unfortunately, I realized after the fact that I lost about 13,000 rewards points when I closed the second account.  While I figured it may be a long shot, I called the Case Sapphire credit card service again and sure enough on the second ring another real live fellow human picked up the phone.  I told them what had happened and not only did he understand the situation immediately, he apologized, saying that when I had closed the account, I should have been made aware about the rewards points.  He explained it was probably due to the fact that a lending agent got involved with the account closure and credit limit increase, but never the less it was not my fault and he would take care of right away.

All I can say is…wow.  This has inspired me to begin using the chase sapphire credit card more and if all continues to go well it may end up being my go to card.

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